Double time

Confession: I wear a watch nearly every day, but never use it to tell the time (that's what my BlackBerry is for). A few months ago, I saw a photo of a double wrap Hermes watch, thought it was beautiful, and then pushed it out of my mind because of the $2,000 price tag. When my sister Makinzie mentioned a couple weeks ago that she had been searching for a similar double wrap watch, but at an actual affordable price point, I decided to do a little digging. I like that this style of watch is a little different than expected, without screaming look at me!

First up, we have the original watch that began my lust for the style, the Hermes Cape Cod GM watch. Personally, I would prefer it in black over the signature Hermes orange, but, I don't think I would turn down an offer of either.

A little Google shopping search turned up a few options that, while they aren't the original, are still covetable in their own right.

First stop, Target. Can't say Target was the first place I thought to look for a Hermes inspired watch, but they certainly delivered. This TOKYObay studded watch is definitely more trendy than the original classic, but I really like the studded twist. For $80, it is a lot of style in a little package. I know this watch may not appeal to every girl, but I think it would fit in my wardrobe nicely.

Next, I found this analog dial double wrap watch by Fossil. I love how this one is a little heavier - it almost looks like a watch a girl would "borrow" from her boyfriend. The contrast in the face with the white numbers and black background seem ultra modern, but the band and face style make it a little more wearable. At $85, it is a deal, especially when compared to the Hermes one!

The last watch in my roundup is the least expensive at $32, and definitely more delicate than the other options. Here is the double wrap rectangle watch from Urban Outfitters. I love that this looks like a very ladylike watch, yet has a little detail that makes it so unique, as well!


  1. I really like the Hermes original, but I think I would wear the fossil one if I got it for a gift. Are you buying one?

  2. I really adore the Target one!

  3. I collect watches and have about ten. I buy new ones, wear them, and then keep the ones I really like. So I would like one of each of the above please!

  4. OMG, I loooove the Target one! I love the studs on thin black band. I would buy it if it cost less than $80. I don't know. To me, that's still a lot of money for a piece of accessory that I know I won't be using. Like you, and many others, I use my cellphone for the time too.

  5. Love the Hermes Cape Cod GM Watch. Give me a leather band and a simple yet classy design any day. That would be the perfect watch for my (Seattle) summer wear. But not Arizona summer wear, you can't wear anything in AZ during the summer.

  6. Alisha- I'm definitely considering the Fossil one.

    Mandi and Rosy- the Target one is so cute!

    Yaroslav- You make an excellent point about Phoenix.