Coming up Roses

I've recently noticed that rose gold, the softer, pinker version of yellow gold, is making a comeback, and I'm excited! Although I'm decidedly not a "pink" girl, I do love rose gold- it is hard not to! It is so flattering on most skin tones, and is definitely more unexpected. After I saw a friend wearing a rose gold watch to dinner, I've been searching out more ways to wear this precious metal. I picked out three of my finds to share with you:

First, the watch that inspired this obsession: the Michael Kors Chronograph, $250. I've been eyeing this same watch in both gold and silver for a couple of years, but the rose gold is my current favorite. I'm a fan of oversized watches or men's watches on women, but the tinted gold on this particular style makes it known that this is definitely a girl's watch, just in a man's proportions.

Etsy is always a good source for unique jewelry, and the Don't Forget ribbon ring, $35 is no exception. I vividly remember my grandmother telling me to tie a piece of thread around my finger to remind me to do something important, and this ring would do the same trick, but in a much prettier way.

This rose gold bangle, $135, at, is a delicate piece when worn alone, and would lend a bohemian vibe to an ensemble when paired with other bangles. The diamond cut lends a unique texture to this piece, and sets it apart from many other bangles.

How do you feel about rose gold? Do you own any?


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