Caped Crusader

I realize it is August, and that putting on a coat is about the last thing anyone wants to do right now. However, I've been searching for my dream fall wardrobe for about a month, and I've decided that one of my fall must-haves is a cape. And before you think I've gone all crazy, I don't mean a super hero cape. What I'm looking for is a tailored, sharp, stylish cape. I've searched the web high and low, and I've found quite a few capes that meet my requirements, style-wise, even though a lot of the capes I have found have been way out of my college student budget.

This contrast trim cape, $135 at Asos, is the most budget friendly of this bunch. Camel is a huge color trend for this fall, and is such a classic hue.  This version of the cape is basic enough that as capes come in and out of style, you can wear it for years to come. Plus, for those of us that live in a more temperate climate, this may be the only coat you need this winter. I think a fun styling option for this style would be to pair it with elbow length leather gloves.

This ultimate military cape, $190 at Topshop, shows off two Fall trends as well. This military style cape is a great option if you want a little adornment on your cape. The buttons on the shoulders add a really fun touch, and classic black is always a great outerwear choice.

This plaid hooded wool cape $800 by Rag & Bone, is certainly a splurge, but it is a gorgeous piece that would instantly make even the simplest outfit fabulous. The suede edging on the cape adds an edge, and the hood would be perfect for both bad hair days, and sudden snow sprinkles.

So, am I crazy for loving capes? Will you be wearing a cape this fall?


  1. I wish I would find a beautiful red velvet cape, then I would totally rock this style.

    P.S: Thanks for adding me. I just jumped on your follower bandwagon.

    Love from Toronto, Canada