Man, I feel like a woman

When I first saw menswear style oxfords or brogues last summer, I never thought I could pull them off. A year later, I've decided at least one pair needs to find a home in my closet. I love that they are borrowed from the boys, but can look very feminine, depending on what they are paired with. I'm thinking they would be super cute paired with a dress for the warmer Fall months, and with cuffed jeans and a blazer come Winter. I think that they would be a great substitute for a ballet flat while remaining comfy, and definitely more unexpected.
I'm not going to try and say that oxfords are a timeless staple in any girl's closet, because that probably isn't going to be the case. Fortunately, several "fast fashion" labels have come out with versions that are affordable, even if you will only wear them for a season or two.

At under $25, these Vintage Oxford Flats from Forever 21 are the perfect version for the girl that may still be uncertain that brogues are a look she likes or not. These shoes may not last a lifetime or be super comfy, but for a trend-loving girl, they are a economical way to get in on this season's footwear choice. I prefer the tan color, although the black is a little less of a statement piece.

Steve Madden always has fun, trendy shoes for fairly low prices, and at under $80, the Trouser Oxford is definitely gunning for first place for this style in my book (and closet). I love the laceless look- it is cute, and a fun twist on what will surely become the ubiquitous shoe this fall.

Alexander Wang has a particular talent for creating wait-list forming accessories. For this fall, I'm predicting the Rayna oxford flat will be joining the ranks of the designer's bestsellers. Laceless, and definitely different, this style is sold at These are a major splurge at $450, but, if you've got cash to burn, Alexander Wang is always a fun place to light the fire.

So, which is your favorite? Will you be purchasing brogues this fall?


  1. I don't know how comfortable I am with girls stealing more of mens clothes. First its shirts and underwear, then it was pants and now shoes. Balderdash, I say! But I jest. I think its amazing how fashion has started to become androgynous. This evolution of footwear is a very unique step in fashion and I, for one, admire it.

  2. I agree, I am a fan of androgynous fashion. I have a pair of Oxford Birkenstocks I never fail to get comments on, and they're the most comfortable shoes I own.

  3. I love ballet flats, but I probably love them too much (I mean I probably have too many)- so these are a great alternative. You make a great point- they are totally cute and would be a great change. I like the laceless Steve Madden's...very cute!